Women go through their periods in their own way, but the one thing that binds us together are the sanitary products we use that get us through the hell week. We’ve been there, staring at shelves or browsing websites, looking to find something that would make that time of the month just a little bit more comfortable. Here's our 2 cents on what to look for.

How to choose the best sanitary product for you?


The first thing you might want to consider is your flow. Is your flow light or heavy? Does it last for less than 5 days or more? If you’re someone with a heavy flow you might find it inconvenient to be changing your tampon or pad every 4-6 hours. Instead, you might want to consider a menstrual cup or heavy absorbent period panties that can be worn for a longer time.

Internal vs External

Next, you want to consider how a product is used, internally or externally? Menstrual cups and tampons are examples of internal use and pads and period panties of external use products. While internal use products may be more versatile and especially popular for swimming and certain sports, they can be difficult to get the hang off in the beginning.  

Reusable vs Disposable

In recent times, there has been a shift towards reusable and eco-friendly products. With issues like non-degradable sanitary waste impacting climate change, women are woke and more conscious about their choices. Reusable products are made from eco-friendly materials that are kinder to your bodies and the environment, so no rashes or chaffing. However, they do require regular maintenance and a higher level of comfort with bodily fluids.


Also, to consider when choosing between reusable or disposable options is the cost. While disposable products are usually cheaper upfront, the costs add up through the years, especially if you’re someone with a heavy flow and require more product. Reusable products like, period panties and menstrual cups, can be a pricey one-time purchase but can last you anywhere from a year to five years.

In the end when choosing a sanitary product, you need a little bit of patience, some trial and error and figuring out what you are most comfortable with. Gone are the days when mothers discreetly passed a pad to their teenage daughter at the first sign of blood and that was the end of the conversation. Periods are already uncomfortable your period products shouldn't be making them worse, keep looking till you find something that works for your body!


About Friday Undies

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