Even though men can’t resonate with the pain of menstruation, they can at least try practicing empathy. A lot of boys and men are ignorant about the subject and the taboo encouraged by society doesn’t help. In order to help a mother, sister, partner or friend, men need to keep a few things in mind about menstruation.

1. Never mansplain

No man has the right to tell a woman how she should conduct herself on her periods unless he is a medical practitioner. Instead, practice listening!

2. Communicate

Don’t be scared of using the word – periods. It’s a necessary function and the more you make it sound normal, the more convenient it’ll be for women to talk about it normally. 

3. Help as much as you can

A lot of Indian men think that they are exempt from cleaning dishes, making food and other household chores for the rest of their lives. This needs to change as women need rest too – especially when they are dealing with period pain, and other annoying symptoms that accompany periods. 

4. Stop the misogyny 

Making jokes if  a woman behaves in a moody manner or giving weird looks when you see a red stain needs to stop immediately. Women don’t need others, making their life more difficult. Try being more understanding and helpful instead.

5. Don’t fall for superstitions

This goes without saying but believing in myths like menstruating women shouldn’t pray is criminal. Every menstruating woman has the right to pray, study, work, play and do anything she wants at any time she likes. 


About Friday Undies

Friday Undies is a period underwear brand, designed to give women comfort and confidence on their most vulnerable days. We offer an eco-friendly and reusable option for periods that is not only better for the environment but also a more comfortable and superior choice for women.