There’s a stigma attached to menstruation in many countries. Considering we are now in the 21st century and have made tremendous progress on several fronts, this is just sad.

A lot of people for some reason believe the misinformation around menstruation, mostly because it is still considered to be a taboo topic. So let’s remove the stigma and bust some of the more commonly held myths.

Myth #1: Women do not experience a lot of pain

Some people believe that women should just get on with it (and finish their work) when they are on their periods. A few people have even opposed giving women the freedom to take extra period leaves.

The truth is — periods can be extremely painful and there’s a condition called dysmenhorrea which affects around 20% of women. Sometimes, women just need to stay in bed until the pain subsides. Forcing them to come to work is unethical and inhumane.

Myth #2: Sanitary products need to be covered in black plastic bags

Periods are nothing to be ashamed of and people really need to stop practicing this habit. We don’t hide other personal hygiene products like toothpaste or soap. Why do we need to hide sanitary products?

The change needs to start from chemists and other shopkeepers who pack everything before handing it over. Unless we start speaking openly about it, it’s going to remain a taboo topic.

Myth #3: Certain foods should be avoided during periods

You can eat anything you want during your periods. In some places, people believe that foods like tamarind and curd should be avoided as they disturb the menstrual flow. This theory is unscientific as the food you eat does not determine your flow.

That said, avoiding fried food and loading up on fruits and vegetables is always a good idea — whether you are on your periods or not.

Myth #4: Periods are something to be ashamed of

In a lot of places, women are not allowed to worship or enter temples when they are on their periods. According to a research published in Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, some women in India even bury the clothes they’ve used during menstruation.

Periods are a biological process and there’s nothing impure about them. It’s time to banish these old religious beliefs that make life difficult for so many women.

Myth #5: Sanitary pads and tampons are your only option

For a long time, women were made to believe that disposable sanitary pads and tampons, made from plastic and other toxins, are their only options. This is not true. With the advancement of technology and women rising up the ranks at work, there are now more comfortable and better alternatives available in the market that put women’s needs first, including menstrual cups and period underwear.


About Friday Undies

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