Period underwear is just like normal underwear, but it has extra, specialised layers of fabric that are specifically designed to absorb your periods and make you more comfortable.

Period underwear is eco-friendly and reusable. Fun fact, you can not only wear them as regular underwear, but also use them for discharge and minor bladder leaks.

When should you wear period underwear?

The flow of period varies from person to person. Some women wear period underwear throughout their cycles, whereas, others use them on their light flow days, you know the ones where you don’t really need to use something but you can’t entirely be sure. Some also use it as back up to menstrual cups on their first couple of days. 

There are many ways to use period underwear, we recommend giving it a 2-cycle try. One to understand your body and flow and the second to be totally comfortable with it. 

Pro-tip: Wear them on days when you think you’re going to start your periods and need to be out and about living your normal life. 

How does period Underwear work?

Most high-quality period underwear consist of 4 main fabric layers. The first layer, closest to the skin is moisture-wicking, meaning the moment it gets wet it quickly pulls the moisture away from its surface. The second layer is the absorption layer. This layer is usually made from a high-absorbing fabric that can soak up-to 2 tampons worth of liquid. 

Next comes the leak proof layer, this layer is really the key in preventing any leaks or stains. It works as a barrier between the absorbing layer and the body of the underwear making sure everything stays where it’s supposed to and there are no surprises.

The outermost layer is the body of the underwear and what keeps everything together making it a fully functional period underwear!

Why make the switch to Period underwear?

Period underwear is to pads, what menstrual cups are to tampons! They are easy to use, comfortable and better for the environment than other commercial products. 

Make the switch, if you're looking for a solution that's less irritating than a tampon, more comfortable than a sanitary pad, and less complex than using a menstrual cup. With period underwear, you're always ready and You don’t need to make desperate last-minute pharmacy runs.

Full-disclosure, period underwear does have a more expensive upfront cost, but because of its reusable nature it actually ends up becoming more cost-effective in the long run. Plus, imagine all the non-disposable plastic waste that you don't end up throwing out month after month!

How to care for Period Underwear?

Wear, Rinse, Wash, Repeat is the mantra we like to use at Friday Undies!

Depending on your flow you can wear period underwear up-to 24 hours (just like regular underwear). Then we suggest you rinse it out, you can either do this under cold running water, soak it in a bucket for 20 mins or just wear it on when you take a shower. 

After rinsing your period underwear it's ready to be washed. Depending on your preference you can either hand wash it or throw it in the washing machine with your regular clothes and hang it to dry after. 

It is advised to not use excessive heat, bleach, or fabric softener on the underwear since this can cause damage to the fabrics. Although period underwear is designed to be stain resistant and if properly cared for, it should not retain any smell, but you can immerse it in a vinegar/water mixture before washing, if needed.

Overall there are pros and cons with every sanitary product. Ultimately it’s important for you to decide what works best for your body. Don’t be shy to try out something new or to use as many sanitary products as you want!


About Friday Undies

We make eco-friendly, reusable, period underwear for women in an effort to reduce the 9,000 tonnes of plastic waste generated from sanitary products in India, every year. Period underwear is easy to use, comfortable and completely rash-free.