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Friday Undies is for women who don’t want to constantly ask their co-workers to check their pants, or check their sheets every time they wake up. For a woman who wants to feel like she’s wearing nothing more than her underwear on her period and is still completely secure.

It's for women who want to focus on the important aspects of life and not let her period take over it.

From the founder

From the founder

I was making an important presentation to clients, and realised I had a massive stain on my trousers. In a moment, when I should have been confident, and comfortable and showing off my #bosswoman side, I was hampered by the most fundamental, yet challenging part of being a woman.

Periods are essential for the survival of the human race and women are bad*ss warriors for dealing with what their bodies go through, yet the stigma around female health still exists. The fact that we are encouraged to use disposable products for something that lasts 30+ years of a woman's life blows my mind. You wouldn't throw your toothbrush away after a single use, would you?

I wanted to give women the option to feel comfortable and confident even on their most vulnerable days. Period underwear allows you to go through your menstrual cycle in the most natural way possible, with little to no change between normal days and periods days. Allowing you to focus on the important parts of life.

I really hope you feel the same liberation I did when I tried Friday Undies for the first time. With years of trauma about chaffing & staining and polluting the earth, fading away.

- Shivani Singh

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