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Friday Undies is highly absorbent underwear, designed to absorb your period, so you don’t have to use tampons or pads. It has a special four layer absorbent technology with a top wicking layer, which means that any period blood is soaked up super fast. After you’ve used a pair, you rinse it under the tap, throw it in your washing machine or hand wash it, hang dry and reuse it.

Absolutely. We recommend a 2 period trial. This allows you to get comfortable with the underwear during your first cycle and customise it to your flow in the second. 

Everybody periods differently so it’s tough to be exact. We would recommend an average of 8 hours of wear time on heavy days and upto 24 hours as your flow slows over time.  

Some brands use sprays and finishes in their fabrics to control smell, but these chemicals contain heavy metals we're just not about. Fresh period blood doesn’t have a scent that carries. So even though you might be able to smell it on yourself, it’s very unlikely that anyone else would. Think about it, when was the last time you were able to smell someone else’s blood? Overall, if you take care of your Friday Undies well there shouldn't be an issue. 

The material will absorb the liquid that typically surrounds the clot. While the material cannot break down the semi-solid part of the clot, this portion is natural and typically no cause for alarm*. We would recommend a quick *tap tap* of toilet paper on the crotch of the panties when we're in the bathroom to help collect those more solid portions.
(*If you feel you are passing large blood clots and your doctor is not aware, be sure to inform them)

See for yourself. Measure the trash in your bathroom when you bleed next and use disposable pads and tampons, all that waste, every month, year on year. Remember, it’s actually possible to make your periods completely waste free with Friday Undies. 

Yes! It’s non-disposable - just like your regular underwear, so unlike tampons and pads, it won’t be sitting on a landfill for the next five hundred years. 

Of course. 

You know how by now with a tampon or pad, you’re just pretty intuitive? Well that’s what happens with Friday Undies. You just feel that moment of change brewing. The padding can start to feel a little heavy or like it’s not absorbing any more. That means it’s reached its limit. 

Absolutely! Especially on days when you think you may or may not be starting your period.

We will send you Friday Undies in a re-usable pouch you can carry this in your bag with you when you’re out. When you feel like it’s time to change, go to the bathroom, take off the worn pair, put it in your pouch, and put on the new pair. You can rinse and wash the worn pair later at home.

From the moment you start your period, and even before. Friday is just like regular comfy underwear, designed to catch any leaks. And it lasts all day!

Please do! A lot of stuff comes out both during and after your pregnancy. We all know how powerful those sneezes can be.

Yes! If you experience light bladder leaks (e.g. when sneezing or jumping), period underwear can be worn to catch these leaks. They are breathable, odour resistant, super absorbent, leak-proof, stain resistant, and wick moisture away from your skin so you feel dry and fresh all day.

The lifespan of a pair of Friday Undies vary greatly on how well you take care of them and use them. Generally speaking, they will last you for 6 months to 3 years.

Friday Undies can be hand washed or machine washed. Rinsing them in cold water before hand/machine washing helps to remove as much blood as possible and prevent stains. You can then toss them into the washing machine with all the rest of your clothes, run a gentle cycle, and hang to dry.